Bookings and Fees

Bookings and Fees


All consultations are by appointment. Our standard appointment time is 10-15 minutes. We encourage you to request your appointment with your preferred GP for continuity of care.

We are now open Monday – Friday from 7am and from 8am on Saturdays.


Appointments can be made either through our website, healthengine or hotdoc. A receptionist will be available for early morning phone appointments as well.

Do you need to book a long appointment?
If you think you require longer please ask for a long appointment. Commonly this could be for a full medical, counselling for emotional problems, review of complex medical problems, or a second opinion. This allows the doctor sufficient time to spend with you to give your problem the attention it deserves.

Urgent appointments
All urgent medical problems will be dealt with promptly, but not necessarily with the doctor of preference. When we run late, we’re sorry! The doctors don’t like running late either, but emergencies have to be fitted in and sometimes patients take longer than the time allowed. This is difficult to predict. You’re welcome to telephone before coming and the reception staff will advise if the doctor is on time.

Please notify us if you are unable to attend an appointment, well in advance. When people fail to turn up for their appointment, it usually means that someone else will have to wait an extra day to see the doctor. All we ask is the courtesy of a phone call to cancel your appointment, giving at least 2 hours notice. A DNA fee of $30 will be charged if patients do not notify the practice in this time period.

Fees and Billing

We are a private billing practice and fees are payable at the time of consultation. Please refer to our reception for practice fees. Most doctors offer concession cardholders and aged pensioners a reduced fee on presentation of a current card and will direct bill Veterans’ Affairs (gold card) patients. Please note concessions or direct billing are at the doctor’s discretion.

There may be additional costs if any procedures are performed, e.g. Cryotherapy, EGC or Minor surgery. Pathology and x-rays incur an additional cost and this account is billed to you from the pathology laboratory or from the radiologist.

From 1st November 2016, pensioners aged between 65 to 70 will now be privately billed for consultations with their doctor at the discount rate. If you fall in this age group, please either ask reception for a letter to explain why this is happening or speak with your doctor.

Children from 12 and under are only bulk billed up till 4pm for most doctors. NO BULK BILLING ON SATURDAYS FOR ALL PATIENTS.

Please note, Dr Moodley and Dr Banerjee private bills ALL PATIENTS after 4pm, Monday to Friday. Dr Bhajikhara will also private bill ALL PATIENTS Tuesday, Thursday afternoons as well as in the evenings & Saturday afternoons.

Medicare refunds
Private patients’ Medicare rebates can be refunded directly to a saving or cheque account on the day of consultation. Accounts can be paid with a credit card but the refund must be paid into a saving or cheque account.

Private Fees:

Standard consult $85.00 rebate $39.10 gap $45.90
Long consult $130.00 rebate $75.75 gap $54.25
Extended consult $175.00 rebate $111.50 gap $63.50

Concession Fees:

Standard consult $75.00 rebate $39.10 gap $35.90
Long consult $120.00 rebate $75.75 gap $44.25
Extended consult $165.00 rebate $111.50 gap $53.50

After Hour Fees – Weekdays

From 7AM – 8AM

Standard consult $100.00 rebate $51.00 gap $49.00
Long consult $145.00 rebate $87.40 gap $57.60

From 6PM

Standard consult $90.00 rebate $39.10 gap $50.90
Long consult $135.00 rebate $73.75 gap $59.25

After Hour Fees – Saturdays

From 8AM – 1PM

Standard consult $90.00 rebate $39.10 gap $50.90
Long consult $130.00 rebate $75.75 gap $54.25

From 1PM

Standard consult $105.00 rebate $51.00 gap $54.00
Long consult $145.00 rebate $87.40 gap $57.60